Friday, March 5, 2010

Piano Lessons

I started a new endeavor this year. In Januray I started teaching piano lessons. I have loved the piano, I believe ever since I was about five years old. I began taking lessons when I was seven and I was hooked. We can always use extra money so I decided to begin teaching, mainly to neighbor kids. I have taught on a small level to friends in the past, but never in an organized way.

I planned on taking on about six or seven students. But my phone started ringing off the hook once word got out and before I knew it I had sixteen students signed up. I about panicked! Luckily one of them dropped out, but I still have fifteen which is a huge amount. However, one of those numbers includes my own son, Ethan.

So now four afternoons a week are taken up teaching piano lessons. The kids I teach range in age and ability from four years old (almost five) to seventeen years old. After the first couple of weeks I contemplated quitting because the number of students was just too high and I thought it had been a mistake. But now I am falling into a routine and it's really becoming fun for me. We are planning our first recital for May and it is going to be great!

I am amazed at how quickly Ethan is catching on. I catch him down at the piano all the time while he teaches himself a "piano lesson". It's fun with him because he is reading so well and he can read the words to the songs, so it makes it easier for him to stay on beat, breaking the words into syllables. Hailey is dying to start, but she is still a little young. In a year I will oficially start teaching her and she can't wait!

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