Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Movie Nights

Friday is our night.

It's the night that we all congregate as a family and watch a movie that we've never seen before, at least not together as a family. Cody and I have so many movies that we loved as kids that we are now introducing to our own kids. We've grown to look forward to Friday nights with much anticipation. "What movie are we watching this week, Mom?" It's a question they ask all week long.

Friday rolls around and we wait anxiously for Daddy to get home. We hurry and eat dinner, change into our comfy PJs, grab our pillows and blankets, and all snuggle together in the family room. I found the cutest plastic popcorn buckets at Target and I stocked up on a bunch. They were instantly a hit. We always have popcorn, but I always surprise the kids with a special treat mixed in with it. Last week it was gummy bears. What will it be this week? I'm thinking milk duds.

Today while we were at the store I found one of my favorite childhood movies. I sneakily put it in the shopping cart and none of the kids noticed. We'll be watching it on Friday.

Nothing comes between us and our Friday movie nights. Nothing.

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Ute Family said...

Mmmm...milk duds are so yummy!
And what a cute idea. I love it and you never know the bonding and tradition it will put into the children and when they are 16 they'll still want to do it instead of hanging out with their friends...hey, there's always Saturday night!
That really is a great idea! And I saw those popcorn buckets at Target too. So cute!

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