Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cousin Visit

On Sunday afternoon (8-24) everyone cleared out and went back home. The house was so quiet! Then Uncle Jack, Aunt Brenda, Emily and her kids came over for swimming and ice cream. Uncle Jack went and picked up some chicken, fried okra, hush puppies, corn, and biscuits for dinner. Talk about your traditional southern feast! Yummy yummy.

Uncle Jack can't get enough of little Briar.

Another action shot! He is destined to be a stunt man.

This girl has started climbing on everything and she gets so proud of herself!

The Gov still had the swing set up in his shop so the kids played on it. Hailey and Lauren were very excited to do so, but Ethan needed a little persuasion just like last year. Love the gasoline cans sitting nearby?

Ethan loves playing in the Gov's old MG.

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