Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Girls

Dana and TJ came up for the weekend and it was just like old times. TJ and Evelyn were best friends since the beginning of time. Dana came into our lives when they were about twelve years old when her Dad and stepmom lived in our ward in Houston. Dana then lived with us for a while during high school and became part of the family. They are all only a year older than me in school so I always tagged along with them where ever they went, and eventually they got used to the idea that I wasn't going anywhere so they "accepted" me as one of them.

The four of us spent numerous nights camped out on our bedroom floor making friendship braclets while listening to Tom Cochrane, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bruce Springsteen. This weekend was just like old times. I swear we have more inside jokes than there are stars in the sky! We stayed up way too late laughing and reminiscing on Saturday night and barely made it to church on Sunday for Lilly's confirmation. It was a really fun weekend and I hope we can all get together one day again. Dana suggested we take a girls' weekend sometime...just the four of us. I hope we'll actually do it!

Dana is so sexy with her braces!
Evelyn did not want her picture taken so she grabbed a pair of ....PANTIES to cover up with. Gross!

TJ and the Lilly Bean.

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Chambers Family said...

They haven't changed one bit!! Except for the braces I guess. I bet that was a blast. If you see them tell them "Hi" from me! What fun!!

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