Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dentist Trip

The kids had their bi-annual dentist appointment on Wednesday. This was Hailey's very first trip and she was terrified. But I like our dentist's approach to scared kids. He does not want to traumatize them so he eases them into it gradually. He had me hold her and lay her head in his lap so he could look in her mouth. She cried the whole time, but he just wanted to peek and see if she had cavities. Everything looked great and she has some new molars coming in. He said he was so proud of her and let her pick a toy from the prize box. That made her day, plus she got a new tooth brush with a shark on it.
This was Ethan's fourth trip to the dentist, but this was the first time that he voluntarily got in the chair. He has always been very scared, but not this time! The dentist didn't do a full cleaning because Ethan was still apprehensive, but he did scrape of tarter and check for cavities. He said next time he should be ready to do a full cleaning. Ethan was very proud of himself for being such a big boy!
The kids love their new toothbrushes!

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