Wednesday, September 9, 2009

34 1/2 Week Contractions

Last night I was five minutes away from calling the doctor. I went grocery shopping after the kids were in bed and it was one of those $300 ordeals...the kind where I was pushing a cart and pulling a cart. On the drive home I was in serious pain. When I got inside I almost collapsed. It was 10:30 and I was having painful contractions every three minutes. No matter what I did they would not let up! Luckily it got me out of unloading the car.

Last night all I could think of was my to-do list today. It was Hailey's first day of preschool and there was no way I was going to miss it. After school drop offs, I had to race to a presidency meeting and then race to pick kids up again. Then I had to race home, stuff a sandwich down them, and load up again for my doctor's appointment. Then I'd race home again, get a little laundry done, pack a picnic dinner, and get out the door for a soccer game and practice. Then I had to finalize the Primary program tonight, which will take place on Sunday. And this was only Wednesday's to-do list.

Luckily the contractions stopped by around 11:30. Today at my appointment I talked to Mike about what happens if I do go into labor. He said at this point he would not stop labor because the risk of stopping it is greater than the risk of delivering a 35 week baby. That scared me a little. He said once I was in real labor he'd go ahead and do the c-section.

As we sat in the office and talked, the three kids were running wild and screaming. Lauren had pulled a chair up to the sink and as she splashed in the water it overflowed. The med student who was shadowing Mike just laughed and mopped up the water with a towel. Mike also laughed at me and said "Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" AAGGHH!! My life is crazy.

Luckily he is not making his trip to Morocco the first week of October which had been scheduled. He goes to different countries and teaches neonatal resuscitation, but his trip was cancelled and I'm a little relieved. That means I can have the baby at any time and he'll be around to deliver. He is a very skilled surgeon and he's the only one I trust!

I know this is a bunch of rambling. I'm still measuring big and this boy feels heavier and heavier every day. It's like a lead weigh tugging at the bottom of my abdomen and it gets lower and lower every day. I really would like him to hang on until October 12th. I guess it mainly depends on how easy I can take it and whether or not my kids continue to use me as a jungle gym!
I know my mom won't like this picture. She's not a fan of the bare belly shots. But it's hard to get a good idea of how he's growing beneath my shirt! Ethan took this picture today. He said "Whoa Mom, you're really fat." Thanks, Buddy.


Julie said...

Ah kids. Mine say the same thing. I am not fat, I answer, I am growing a baby, lol. There is a difference :)

So, another month before you hold your precious son. Try and take is easier. I know, look who is talking, lol.


Audrey said...

Kids are so sweet . . . and honest. Mine keep telling me that I'm "enormous," "humongous," and "gigantic!!"

Sarah Stiles said...

Be proud of the belly!! It's so dang cute how can you not be:-)

Ethan cracks me up:-)

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