Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lauren's First Hair Cut

The time has come! I've been hesitant to cut Lauren's hair for fear that it wouldn't come back curly. That happened to Ethan's hair. But it's been getting so long and wispy and it really needed a little fixin'.

Tonight after her bath I turned on a favorite DVD and went to work cutting. It always makes me a little sad when their hair gets cut for the first time. Such a milestone! I took off almost two inches of uneven ends and wow...did it come back curly! The bounce came back immediately. I'll post some pictures in the next two days of it dry. She looks like Shirley Temple now! It's going to be so cute tomorrow at church pinned back in a clip.

She was not happy that I made her stop watching the show to take a picture.
It looks a lot cuter when it's dry. Here it's wet.

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Julie said...

She sure is cute!


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