Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There's a reason they call it nesting.

Some people say it's a myth. They say nesting is all in a woman's head. I am here to say it's not in my head. This morning I woke up with a crazy burst of energy and it couldn't be contained. I felt like the Hulk as I got ready for the day. I started pacing the floor. I have been in so much pain all day with aching hips, thighs, legs, feet, etc. My groin feels like it's on fire! This baby is dropping more and more each day. And yet, I still have the urge to clean. But by looking at the above pictures you wouldn't think this was cleaning.

When I picked up Ethan from school we headed straight for the hardware store. I dropped almost $100 on paint, sponges, tape, and other supplies. I felt like a mad woman going through the store and throwing things in the basket. After Lauren went down for a nap I changed into my "grubbies" and got to work. I felt a sense of insanity as I started pulling things out of cupboards. I didn't even know why I was doing it. But the more stuff I pulled out, the faster and harder I worked.

Then I scrubbed pantry and closet floors and those little nooks that always get neglected for years at time. I went through cleaning rags like mad! I tore down curtains and cleaned windows. I taped off the windows for fresh coats of paint around the boarders. I washed the curtains. I patched a few dents/holes in walls and they are now ready for primer and paint. I painted a ton today...the hall bathroom, the hallway, and the upstairs living room. While kids ate pizza for dinner I prepped and taped the whole dining area and kitchen for paint tomorrow.

I'm glad Cody is out of town all week because I'd hate him to see the house like this. I really do feel like a bird making a nest. I feel like I'm on speed. Instead of pulling stuffing and twigs from nearby things I'm pulling out from closets and de-cluttering like a crazy person! And as a result, I'm so sore tonight. I have not been contracting today and I promised myself that if I started, I would lie down. And guess what. Tomorrow I will be just as crazy and do some more cleaning, painting, and organizing! 27 more days of it!


Janice and Jessica said...

Can you please come to Virginia and help me with my painting? I would love the help and your company! I seriously don't think my house was ever as clean as it was the day before I had Jessica almost 20 years ago. I understand where you are coming from and remember it oh so well.

Julie said...

Enjoy the burst of energy while it lasts. And post pictures once you are done :)


paulandjenthatcher said...

I love it! I can totally relate, but I just can't believe all that you were able to do in one day! And that soon after the primary program! I'm impressed! I hope you still have some time before this baby comes, but at least you'll be ready if he comes early!

Jeanette said...

I'm jealous. I had those nesting feelings, but was on bedrest. :(

Don't overdo it. Post pictures when you are all done!

Life's a Dance said...

Love it! I think God gave us those feelings because He knows after the baby is born, we don't get much done for a while!

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