Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lauren's First Prayer

Oh how I wish I had a picture of this one.

Tonight as we were saying family prayer I asked who's turn it was as I always do, and it was followed by a bunch of ME ME ME!!! Lauren always joins in the chorus. She's such a big kid and her little hand shoots straight into the air.

Tonight I decided that she could have a turn for once. She got down on the floor, got on her knees, and folded her arms across her chest. I could have died the way she was so grown up about it. Her hair was an afro of curls, partially dried after her bath, and she was wearing her light green floral pajamas.

I would say a phrase, and then she did her best to repeat it in her own language. Surprisingly a lot of what she said was completely recognizable. I couldn't help but peek at her through my squinted eyes. My heart completely melted. She had her eyes squeezed tightly shut as if she was really concentrating on the words. When she said "Amen" she looked around and we were all clapping for her. She was beaming with pride and a giant smile was spread across her face!

Cody and I just looked at each other and thought how grown up she was at that moment. But what really got to me was knowing that Heavenly Father heard her sweet little gibberish prayer just like He hears all of our prayers. And it was her very first one. It was a very tender moment for all of us.

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Carli said...

you guys are good! kennedy has never once had prayer with us. oops! guess we better start that soon. lol

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