Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cold and Flu Season Woes

Cold and flu season hit us hard this year. There is something to say about having a child in public school. People warned me about that. We didn't have too bad a time while Ethan was in preschool those first two years. There were only twelve kids in his class and his teacher was EXCELLENT about keeping the place clean and having the kids wash their hands a lot. But once Ethan entered those kindergarten doors, it seems that he has brought home every bug that he comes in contact with. It's a losing battle in a school with 400 runny noses!

Having a baby born at the beginning of the season hasn't helped my sanity. It's been hard keeping him healthy, and already he's had more illnesses than Ethan had in his first two years of life. The oldest kid is lucky like that. The last few weeks have been unfortunate ones in our household. Stomach bugs, croup, fevers, strep throat, ear infections, more colds than I can count... It's been a long season.

A couple of weeks ago there was a terrible cold circulating our house. Hailey caught it, and then it turned into a massive double ear infection and her ear drums burst as a result. It was hell on her! The above picture was taken on the worst day of that virus. Sorry to be so graphic, but you can see goup on her pillow that leaked out of her ear. She had a 103.5 fever that day.

I'm usually pretty healthy, but even I haven't been able to avoid the junk that has been in our house. Last week I had a wicked fever, cough, and sore throat. Then that escalated into nasty tonsillitis, a sinus infection, and a double ear infection. But thanks to my friend amoxicillin, I'm feeling much better. And now it is technically spring, but as I type this on April 6th, there is seven inches of snow on the ground outside. The end seems no where in sight.

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