Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mommy & Lauren Date Night

on March 29th, I took Lauren on our first ever Mommy and Lauren date. One of our favorite places to go is Target (I know, we live it up!). So we packed up and headed to Target for a much needed treat and a little shopping. I must say, I didn't know I could have so much fun one on one with a two year old! It's been a while since I only had one toddler in tow. I can't get enough of this little tyke! She is so smart, funny, opinionated, caring, and full of energy.

I got her an ice cream and a giant cookie at the snack bar, and then we wandered the store. I let her lead me around to whatever she wanted to look at. I think it made her feel great that for once, SHE was in charge. What was her favorite thing to do in the store? Not look at toys, not look at candy, not even shoes. Patio furniture! I think we stayed in that section of the store for half an hour. She led me around saying "Wow Mom, look at that!!" about a million times. She was very specific about where she wanted me to sit. When my time was up, she'd tell me to sit in a different spot.

Thanks for the fun night, Lauren! We must do it again soon!

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Lauren said...

What a good idea. I totally need to get better at one-on-one dates with my boys.

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