Thursday, April 15, 2010

Devin- Six Months Old

This fourth kid thing is tough. Sometimes I feel like I get lost in the mix. Once again, Mommy is really busy and hasn't had time to journal about me turning six months old. So once again, I will do it myself!

Today I went to the doctor and they talked about how big I am. Who cares? All I hear is how fat I am. I get it, okay? I have man boobs! But that doesn't give anyone the right to squeeze and jiggle them. Cool it already. You are giving me a complex! This is how big I am. Sounds about right to me!

Weight- 18 pounds 2 ounces= 60%
Length- 26.5 inches= 51%
Head- 17.1 inches= 41%

For the record, I have no idea what that % thing means.

Today Dr. Allred felt around on my boyhood parts and said that my wee wee had shrunk up inside. He and Mom laughed. I didn't think it was too funny. It was a cold room! It shrinks!

I also got four shots. That's right, four shots! I was really happy at first. Mom was all up in my face talking to me and I was smiling and laughing at her. And then out of no where I felt this pain in my leg. Then I felt it again, and again, and again! What the heck?! Then Mom started crying. I was confused. Did she have a pain in her leg too? Man, that hurt! I was tricked.

I love boobs. Especially Mommy's boobs. Good thing she has two of them. Mmmm...straight from the tap. That's how I like it. Dr. Allred said something about my milk being straight cream. Whatever that means... All I know is it is good and I drink it all day long. A while back Mom started giving me something that is soft and white and mushy. I eat it out of a spoon and I think it is called rice cereal of something. I like it alright. Mom tries to make me eat it every once in a while and the only reason I comply is because I know I get to wash it down with the good stuff right afterward. That makes it all worth it.

Ever since Mommy started giving me the white mushy stuff, my tummy has felt different. Sometimes I get gassy and everyone makes comments about how stinky it is. I can't help it and it hurts my feelings! A guy has to get it out somehow, right? Dad says I can clear a room like no other. And my poop... LOOK OUT!! The other day I was lying on the floor just chillin and I felt it coming on. I made that face and then... well you know. It made a mess. It leaked all out of my diaper and got all over the carpet. I heard Mom say a naughty word. After she cleaned me up she got out the carpet cleaner. She said it was the best thing Santa ever brought her. I lied there on the floor and watched her clean it up. Man, I was proud of the mess I'd made! And I thought the carpet cleaner was pretty cool. I was memorized as I watched it go back and forth.

About a week ago I started sleeping in my little crib. Not all the time, but sometimes. Mom has never made me cry it out and I really dig that. She feeds me when I get sleepy and then she lays me down in my crib and I snuggle up with the blanket that my Aunt Lynn made me. I fall asleep and it's nice. At night we do the same thing. She puts me to bed in my crib rather than nursing me to sleep in bed with her. And I'm okay with that too. This transition has been really gradual and it hasn't phased me at all. That's the way it shoudl be, right? But at night I wake up after Mom gets in her bed. I miss her and you know what? She misses me too. So I snuggle in with her in bed and I smell her. Man, she smells so good! What is that... Secret powder scented deodorant? I like it. Something about her warmth and her breath makes me feel safe and happy. We are a great match for each other. One day I'll sleep in my little bed through the night, but neither of us are worried about that today. Right now it is bliss.

I am so good at getting around these days. When I figured out I could roll back and forth, I realized that I own the place! I can get anywhere I want to go just by rolling. Awesome! And I must have something in my hands at all times. And whatever I have in my hands, it makes it's way to my mouth. Mmmm, I like having things in my mouth. My gums feel funny lately and I drool all the time. Sometimes my mouth hurts and I start crying and Mom comes over and squirts some nasty red goo in my mouth. Yuck! She says it tastes like cherry. I say it tastes like garbage!

I discovered my feet! They are the coolest things ever. And guess what? Turns out everyone has feet! I did not know that. My feet are fun and I like to grab them and try to stick them in my mouth. Again with the "everything goes in my mouth" thing.

My sisters are weird. They freak me out sometimes and to be honest, I think they want to kill me. The other day the girl with the curly hair said "Mommy, can I ride Devin like a horse?" WTH?? Mommy told her no. Then the curly haired girl said "Mommy, can I ride him just a little bit?" Again she was told no. Then Mommy left the room. Bad Mommy! The curly haired girl flipped me over on to my belly and saddled up. She jumped on my back and started bouncing up and down, using the back of my shirt like reins. I started screaming and tried to buck her off, but I wasn't strong enough. Good thing Mommy heard my cry for help and she came running in to save me. The curly haired girl had to go sit in something called "The Naughty Corner". But I knew once she was free she'd come after me again. I am never safe.

Well, that's it for now. I've got lots more to say, but I'm sure you will hear from me in another month or two. Life as a baby is awesome!


Chambers Family said...

Wow, Devin is cute, and don't worry I'm not biased with a name like that:) I wonder sometimes if my kids don't crawl because I have to hold them in order to save their lives from the older siblings:) How is life with 4? I swore I would never do this, but I STILL have no pictures up of my 4th child...Just went to JC Penney to get them taken, and that's only because they called to set up the appointment for me. Thank goodness!

Margo said...

Devin is sure growing so fast!! I love that little cute chubby boy!! Your kids are all beautiful!! Love Devin's comments, so cute!! By the way here is my real blog address

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