Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Word Answers

What I am doing: reading in Jacob
What I’m proud of today: not eating chocolate
What I’m thinking about: should read scriptures
Who is home: the whole family
Plans tonight: shop, clean, veg
My weekend was: busy, hectic, rejuvinating
What’s for dinner: mall food court
Feelings about love: glad it's eternal
Feelings about life: crazy and incredible
What I need: more time everyday
What I want: size C boobs
What I have: size F boobs
My pet peeve: not enough time
My guilty pleasure: working in garden
What you don’t know about me: I'm very smart
What I can hear: hum of fan
What I can smell: nose plugged up
My style: classic simple fun
My hairdo: miss long hair
My outfit: tee and braless

My mood: content, happy, grateful
The weather today: 50s, windy, cloudy

Thoughts on parenting: exhausting, rewarding, fleeting
Thoughts on marriage: challenging, worth it
Thoughts on politics: don't get involved
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: couldn't care less
Thoughts on beauty: the motherly figure
Thoughts on sleep: hard to attain
Thoughts on writing: love doing it
My favorite appliance: dishwasher, washer, dryer

My favorite car: my Toyota Sienna
My favorite splurge: vacations with family
My favorite beauty secret: shower every day
My favorite treat: day old brownies
My favorite everyday pleasure: playing the piano
Ten years ago: didn't know Cody
Five years ago: toddler, buying house
One year ago: pregnant, Joseph alive
One year from now: hope we're healthy
Five years from now: no more babies
Ten years from now: Ethan driver's license
I’m famous for: over scheduling myself
I’ll never be famous for: my softball skills
Who I am: daughter of God
Who I hope to be: with family forever

What I’m thankful for: gospel, family, friends

1 comment:

Ute Family said...

I'm with you on the day old brownies! I hate them warm, out of the old when the chocolate chips are hard again! Oh yeah!
and ten yrs goes by so fast and I can't believe you'll have a child taht drives!!!! YIKES!

What a fun list to make :)

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