Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Soccer Season

Soccer season is upon us once again! That means that our weeks no longer belong to us. And when baseball starts later this month, we can for sure say goodbye to freedom! But that's okay because these kids love it. Ethan is really coming out of his shell. He has been very excited about soccer and is getting the hang of it. He's becoming a REAL boy.

Hailey on the other hand, is still a little apprehensive. We've figured out that a lot of it stems from the fact they she is the only girl on her team. If you know Hailey, you know that she is all girl. So we decided that from here on out in sports, we are going to request that she is on a team with other girls. We are sure that will help her feelings a lot!
(By the way, I see that Ethan's shin guards and socks are on wrong. He insisted on doing it all himself and wouldn't let me help him when he got those on!)

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