Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 5 Spring Break- Friday

On Friday we headed out to Jungle Jim's Playland. I had only been to one of these places once when I was a kid, and that was in Houston. I went there for a birthday party and I remember thinking it was so cool! Well my kids loved it just as much. We took our neighbor friend, Jack, with us. We stayed for about four hours and even then the kids were not ready to go home! We will for sure be heading out there again. What a fun day!

Side note- Ethan made a new friend. A really special thing about that kid is he makes friends easily. He genuinely loves people and he loves getting to know them. Somehow he became friends with a kid about his age and they were stuck together like glue almost all day. This kid was probably five or six years old and get this...he had a full on mullet hair cut and both ears pierced! That's right, he sported diamond studs in both ears. Oh my. Ethan really does have love in his heart for all people, despite how white trash they appear!

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