Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going Home

Garrett and I were finally released on Thursday, April 7th. Ironically, that was the day he was "scheduled" to be born. So instead of being admitted that day, we were being discharged. Kind of nice to have a five day head start on life! I was giddy to dress him in the going home oufit that DADDY had picked out for him. When we left the hospital it was cold and snowy all over. I had spent five days looking out the window at a gray and bleak sky with snow all over the place. Not what we expected with an April baby! The drive home was yucky, but I was overjoyed to walk in and see my other four babies. They were very excited to see their new brother again. I wanted a picture of all five of them on the couch, but the only way to get Devin t cooperate was to put a cookie in his mouth. Very typical!

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